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Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology
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Kinetic Study on the Polyesterification and Copolymerisation Process of Unstyrenated and Styrenated Palm Kernel Oil Based Alkyd Resin

Uzoh CF, Obodo NJ and Onukwuli OD

The kinetics of the preparation of unstyrenated and styrenated palm kernel oil based alkyd resins were studied using polycondensation and copolymerization process. Three alkyd resins A, B, and C of medium oil length were prepared using phthalic anhydride, maleic anhydride, and glycerol at stipulated ratios. The prepared alkyd resins were copolymerized with styrene using benzyol peroxide as an initiator at 150�C for 3 hr. The kinetic behavior of the polyesterification and copolymerization process and the resulting alkyd resins and styrenated alkyd resins were studied as a function of viscosity and the reaction time using integral method of analysis. The results showed that the resins A and B followed the first order reaction while resin C followed the second order reaction with rate constants of 13 � 10-3 min-1, 30 � 10-3 min-1, and 3 � 10-3 (Pa.S)(min)-1 respectively. For styrenated alkyds, kinetic study confirmed that styrenated alkyd A followed the first order kinetics and styrenated alkyds B and C followed the second order kinetics with rate constants of 8 � 10-3 min-1, 6 � 10-4 (Pa.S)(min)-1, and 6 � 10-4 (Pa.S)(min)-1 respectively.