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Isolation of Bioactive Compounds from Indonesian Marine Sponge Clathria sp., Xestopongia muta, and Endectyon delaubenfelsi as Antibacterial Escherichia coli

Rauzatul Sakinah, Nanda Muhammad Razi, Syarifah Keumala, Guntur Febrian Illahi, Khairunnisa and Viqqi Kurnianda

The isolation of bioactive compounds from the sponge Xestopongia muta, Clathria sp. and Endectyon delaubenfelsi against Escherichia coli as an antibacterial has been conducted on May 2018. Active metabolite isolated based on bioassay-guided separation of several steps of chromatography. The result of bioactivity showed sponges of Xestopongia muta and Endectyon delaubenfelsi had the same MIC50 values, MIC50 = 0, 2 μg / mL, Clathria sp. has a value of MIC50 = 0, 6 μg/mL. Interpretation of the FTIR spectrum indicates that Xestopongia muta has an O-H functional group at 3435,56 cm-1 and a C ≡ N imine functional group at 2365,28 cm-1. The sponge of Endectyon delaubenfelsi showed a functional group of N-H of amine 3434, 6 cm-1 with confirmation of C-N imine 1637,27 cm-1 group in fingerprint region. The result of the active metabolite compound is a group of alkaloid compounds.