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Isolation, Cloning and In silico Study of Hexon Gene of Fowl Adenovirus 4(FAV4) Isolates Associated with Hydro Pericardium Syndrome in Domestic Fowl

Manu Asthana, Vinay Kumar Singh, Rajesh Kumar and Rajesh Chandra

Hydropericardium syndrome is an important emerging disease of domestic fowl caused by fowl adenovirus serotype 4 (FAV-4). The full length hexon gene was isolated by PCR from the three virus isolates and it has been possible to clone hexon gene from all the three isolates into pGEM-T Easy vector, sequenced and analyzed using online bioinformatics tools (ExPASy server). The sequences were submitted to NCBI Gen Bank. These sequences showed significant homology with FAV-4 hexon gene sequences available in the NCBI Gen Bank and also found to be clustered with FAV-9 and FAV-10 serotypes. Probable secondary structures were also studied and compared using on line ExPASy servers. Possible B-cell epitopes were also predicted using on line ABCpred server and their position on the 3D structure of the proteins were also studied.