Current Synthetic and Systems Biology

Current Synthetic and Systems Biology
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Isolation and Characterization of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria Associated with Saccharum officinarum L.

Krunal Modi and Prittesh Patel

Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria is free living soil microorganisms that directly or indirectly exert beneficial effects on plants. Hundred strains were characterized morphologically and biochemically. Primary screening was carried out for all hundred isolates for IAA, phosphate solubilization, siderophore and nitrogen fixation. Eight isolates F181, F271, F323, F372, F373, F531, ELB1 and ESB4 from different sites and sugarcane cultivars have showed potential for all PGPR activities and were further investigated quantitatively. The isolates could exhibit more than two or three PGP traits, which may promote plant growth directly or indirectly or synergistically. The results shown, F372 achieved the highest phosphate solubilization of 15 mg L-1, and F271 was the most promising IAA producer with 63 mg L-1. Furthermore, most of the PGPR isolates shown antifungal properties like HCN chitinase and protease production. The present study, therefore, suggests that the use of selected PGPR isolates as inoculants might be beneficial for sugarcane cultivation.