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Isolated Complete Rupture of Left Main Bronchus after Blunt Chest Trauma

Kalliopi Athanassiadi, Dickgreber N, Rahe-Meyer N, Akyari P, Bagaev E, Tudorache I and Haverich A

Blunt chest trauma resulting in rupture to the trachea and major bronchi without any concomitant vascular injury is very rare. We present an unusual case with a complete left main bronchus rupture in a 23-year-old man after blunt chest trauma without any vascular injury and we review the literature of the last decade. The patient was admitted at our hospital hemodynamically stable with a left tension pneumothorax. His general condition became worse after the insertion of a chest drainage and CT scan and bronchoscopy were performed on an urgent basis. After bronchoscopic confirmation of the complete transection of the left main bronchus an intubation with a double lumen tube followed and the patient was submitted on emergency thoracotomy and an end-to-end anastomosis was performed of the transected bronchial ends. The postoperative course was uneventful and in a follow up of 6 months the patient developed no complication. In conclusion, prompt recognition of the injury, skillful airway management and early treatment greatly reduce morbidity and increase the chances of restoring normal pulmonary function.