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Investigation of Some Haemostatic Parameters in Pregnant Women in Jos South LGA, Plateau State

Adekeye, AM, Anaele O, Oluwatayo BO, Kinjir HJ, Chidozie VN, Okeke CO and Salako YI

The aim of this study was to determine the difference in some haemostatic parameters between pregnant women and controls. The haemostatic parameters were assessed using prothrombin time test (PT), activated partial thomboplastin time test (APTT) and platelet count. One hundred and twenty one pregnant and forty four non-pregnant women were used for this research as the test and control populations respectively. The study showed that the pregnant women had longer PT and APTT and higher platelet counts. Nulliparous patients had the highest mean platelet count (199.72 × 109 /L) and the longest mean PT (20.01s). The women of parity of 4 through 6 had the longest APTT (54.01s). This research showed no significant effect of pregnancy on the haemostatic parameters studied. The results seen in this study could be attributed to environmental influences like the diet of the subjects or the drugs the pregnant women are taking.