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Investigation of Maghra Al Hadida Formation as Coarse Aggregate, Gabel Shabrawet, Northeastern Desert, Egypt

Abd El-Aal AK and Dahim MA

The increase in the development of the construction projects in Egypt during the last few years has increased the need for large quantities of concrete aggregates. The common types of aggregates such as natural and industrial gravel, which were widely used for a long time in many projects, became in severe shortage and were unavailable in many parts of our country. Moreover, the transport of high quality aggregates from far quarries was found impractical and costly. Many types of aggregates composed from carbonate or basaltic rocks became widely used. In the present study, the physical, Geomechanical and chemical properties of Maghra Al Hadida Formation at Gabel Shabrawet were investigated. Bulk specific gravity (SSD), water absorption, sieve analysis, Los Angeles abrasion test, soundness, clay lump and friable particles, flakiness and elongation, XRD and DRF indices of coarse aggregate were evaluated and suitable for road construction and concrete industry. Nearly all the samples were found within the specified limits of ASTM specifications and are appropriate material for concrete, asphalt and suitable as dimension stone.