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Interpretation of Aeromagnetic and Satellite Data over Part of Maru Schist Belt, Northwestern Nigeria

Joseph Osumeje O, Oniku AS, Meludu OC, Matthew Ogwuche M and Ahmed Usman

High resolution aeromagnetic data and satellite data covering part the Maru Schist Belt, northwestern Nigeria was interpreted in order to understand the distribution of the surface and the sub-surface magnetic materials within the study area, delineate geologic lineaments and estimate the depth to magnetic sources. Results of the satellite map, the analytic signal and horizontal derivative filters applied on the residual magnetic intensity data reveal that the Maru Schist Belt contains highly magnetic materials suspected to be iron. There is a positive correlation between the lithological map, the satellite map, the aeromagnetic map and the lineament maps. Further analysis of the results shows that iron mineralization (Ferric and Ferrous types) is present in various degrees in the study area. The Euler depth solution has estimated the geological source bodies to be within a depth range of 300–600 m. This is evidence that the Maru Schist Belt was accompanied by series of intense deformation during the orogenic process.