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Interest of the Pelvic Packing in Post-partum Haemorrhage Refractory to Hysterectomy

Fatnassi R, Ben ltaifa A, Mansouri W, Ragmoun H, Saidi W and Barhoumi MH

Post-partum haemorrhage is a serious complication of delivery involving maternal life prognosis. Haemostasis hysterectomy is often the ultimate solution of maternal rescue. However, in some situations, this bleeding persists despite the intervention. Thus, other techniques are used in particular pelvic packing. It is a simple technique which promises favourable results in some situations of persistent obstetrical bleeding. So, it constitutes a well alternative of other techniques such as vascular ligation and arterial embolization.

On the occasion of two new cases and a literature review, we will try to define the indications and limitations of pelvic packing in the management of severe postpartum bleeding; as well as its practicalities.