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Integrated Fuzzy PROMETHEE and Fuzzy Linear Program for Functions Evaluation in Convergent Products: Case for Digital Products..

Ermia Aghasi

Background/objectives: Recently, convergent products are introduced in digital products. Fast assembly and new product development and dynamic product configuration are all considered in convergent product concept. The fast technology development and dynamic customer demands require a more efficient and flexible system for new product development. This paper proposes an integrated decision making model for convergent product evaluation under fuzzy environment.

Methods/statistical analysis: First the fuzzy decision matrix is formed and using fuzzy PROMETHEE the pairwise comparison is performed. Then, by fuzzy linear programming (FLP) the weights of the functions with respect to attributes pairwise matrices are obtained. Finally, the fuzzy output is transformed to crisp one employing fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (FAHP). The contribution are in developing a new fuzzy linear program, integrate it with PROMETHEE and using them in convergent product function evaluation.

 Findings: The results are helpful in business plan and road map of businesses for obtaining competitive advantage and profit maximization. Some of the products are considered and customers’ views are collected to form a new product converging the requirements asked by customer’s altogether. The dynamic customer views make the system responsive to different convergent products.

 Application/improvements: The applicability and the validity of the proposed method are evaluated in a case study. The case study is conducted in a pioneering digital online shopping company. The model is a decision aid for managers of the company to promote to a fast automation assembly system being able to provide product functions integrated to deliver customers’ desired products.

Published Date: 2020-07-30; Received Date: 2020-06-26