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Journal of Proteomics & Bioinformatics
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Integrated Bioinformatics Analysis of the Publicly Available Protein Data Shows Evidence for 96% of the Human Proteome

Suresh Mathivanan

Protein-coding genes are predicted by genome annotation pipelines and are conceptually translated into protein sequences. Several thousands of these protein-coding genes catalogued in publicly-available databases seldom have evidence at the protein level. In this study, we have created a map of the human proteome by integrating publicly-available proteomic studies and resources. With the encompassed data, we are able to map 96% of the human proteome with ample experimental evidence for protein expression. Over 2.2 million annotations are recorded for 19,716 proteins from 63,239 independent studies that utilized more than 800 tissue/cell types/body fluids. Among the mapped human proteome, 96% of the protein expression is supported by two or more independent studies or experimental methods. The collated data (localization, tissue expression, post-translational modifications, proteinprotein interactions, enzymes-substrate and 3D structures) is freely accessible through the web-based compendium Human Proteome Browser (