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International Journal of Advancements in Technology
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Influence of offset Magnitude ec and Angular Location λc on Different Parameters along with their Calibration Methods and Improvements: A review

Junaid Saeed

The purpose of this paper is to elaborate different methods and techniques used by various researchers as a scientist or engineers for the decrement of the effect of geometric parameters (offset magnitude ec and angular location vector λc ) on different machining parameters (cutting forces, high tool wear and etc.), cutting tools geometry, work piece material and etc. As three axis or five axis milling machine is used in different areas such as in mechanical, civil, aeronautical engineering fields and etc. for the machining of parts where we can’t make compromises in terms of dimensional accuracy such as for jet parts, automobile parts and etc. where highly qualified surface finished products were required. So it is very important to study all the aspects which create problems in the way of destination and do trial through different technical techniques along with the best decision in terms of selecting different cutting parameters (axial and radial depth of cut, feed rate and etc.), creation of mathematical models for cutting forces and etc. Presence of eccentricity or run out characteristics in between spindle and tool or tool and work piece creates uncompromising situations so it should be considered.