Journal of Ergonomics

Journal of Ergonomics
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Implementing “Job Enrichment” with using Ergonomic Checkpoints in an ‘Appreciative Way’ at a Manufacturing Company in an Industrially Developing Country and its Meta-reflection

Farahnaz Dastranj and Faramarz Helali

The aim of this study was to create ergonomics and human factors awareness and wakefulness in a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company with emphasis on understanding the importance of improving safety, health, and work condition. The study sought to develop and implement one kind of “Job enrichment” with the purpose of improving employees’ competence and also to motivate participation at the workplaces in an ‘appreciative way’. The survey approach was used. Data was collected from 60 selected individuals from different organizational levels using the participatory ergonomics process that entailed the use of an actionchecklist and ergonomic checkpoints, as well as the review of organizational documents. Eighty seven percent of these study participants were male while the remaining 13% were female. The participants had an average age of 38 years with the standard deviation of 9.74. They had 11.81 years of service in average with the standard deviation of 9.76. In the data collection procedure, technical sessions, based on action learning, which lasted for 30, 25 h, or 1657 man h, was also held for the participants. In the data collection, the participants were made to study the action-checklist before and after completing the ergonomic checkpoints. This resulted in a 0.3 percent improvement in the technical capabilities of the participants and improved their social skills and their interest in participation in the company during this study. Based on the analysis of participants’ feedbacks on the implementation of different work evaluation approaches and their reflection from learning, key findings were made through intentional learning, based on a systemic pre-intervention ergonomics work process on how the participants could be empowered in technical and social skills.