Journal of Ergonomics

Journal of Ergonomics
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ISSN: 2165-7556


Implementing 'Awakened Need of Change' for Applying Ergonomics to Work System with Macroergonomics Approach in an Industrially Developing Country and its Meta-Reflection

Nosrat Abdollahpour and Faramarz Helali

This study aimed to create macroergonomics awareness and wakefulness at the organizational level at a manufacturing company with emphasis on understanding the importance improving “Working Conditions Systems” (Health, Safety, and Ergonomics) and understanding the necessity of applying ergonomics to work system. It sought to develop a vision and ideas as well as drawing up checkpoints for the organization of work when the research could be with company and the participation of participants, not only on people or techniques and tools. The survey approach was used. Data was collected from several steps with different sample participants: 1) Three questionnaires were conducted on managers viewpoint (29 people), on health, safety and environment staff’s viewpoint (5 people) and operating worker’s viewpoint (85 people), 2) Using of the “Future Workshop” for middle managers (15 participants), 3) Using of ILO ergonomics checklist in one of units of the company (29 participants), 4) Evaluating the workshop among middle managers (15 participants), 5) Interview with some participants in “Future Workshop” (10 participants) and, 6) interview with some participants involved in applying the ergonomics checklist (4 participants), 7) Review of the organizational documents was used. In the data collection, the participants were made to study the organizational knowledge with different PDSA cycles of learning and the desire of understanding for changing the improving working condition system when an external and internal facilitator team was formed. Based on the analysis of participants feedbacks on the implementation of different work evaluation approaches and their reflection from learning, key findings were made through intentional learning on PDSA Cycles of learning, based on a systemic pre-macroergonomics intervention work process on how the participants could be ‘empowerment through reflection’ with the different getting learning understanding when there were the different concepts of “learning” and reply on the appreciative inquiries as a meta- reflection.