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Implementation of Reliable Attendence System using Android and Near Field Communication Technolog

Vijay Kakani

Technology is an outcome of education, but in this modern technological era time has come to education to get benefits from technology. Student attendance monitoring system is a system that will take students attendance by using android and NFC technology. This system mainly comprises of active NFC device (Mobile Device) which is used as a reader, passive NFC tags which are embedded to the students ID cards and Server machine with database and application server. Android application installed in active NFS device will read student‘s NFC tag embedded card and identify the unique identifier assign to student and that will be transfer to application server with other details in a encrypted secured message over wireless network and stored in the database .Interfaces will be provided to access and analyze data in a secured way to administration staff to look in to daily attendance and to create timely reports. This System will replace old and inefficient paper based systems. This paper discusses the framework implementation of the system with corresponding software designing diagrams. On the other hand, the results are illustrated from the implemented procedure using the Samsung NFC tag with the android implemented NFC code.