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Implementation of a WebGIS-Based Geological Environment Data Management Information System for Guangyuan City

Ji Jian, Shiyuan Li, Zhangsheng Wu, Qi Liu, Yunhai HU, Sisi Chen, Yang Xu, Shun Liu, Hanhu Liu and Ke Bai

Geological hazard is one of the major natural hazards world facing now, In order to prevent and predict geological hazard, techniques for geological hazard management, assessment and prediction must be developed for the prevention of geological hazards. In this paper, a geological environment data management information system (GEMIS) was implemented based on WebGIS. GEMIS is designed for management geological environment data, as well as geological hazard point. GEMIS has achieved the functions for geological environmental data displaying, querying and analyzing, and many users can share the same geological environmental data due to the B/S frame work. The use of GEMIS can improve and enhance the rapid identification of receptor sites and fate of geological hazards, improving response time and mitigation strategies in the event of a geological hazard. GEMIS also provides each incident responder with access to the same maps and geological hazard information that other responders possess.