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Gynecology & Obstetrics
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Impact of Co-existent Infections on Surgical Site in Cesarean Deliveries

Suvarna Rai

Background: Cesarean section is the commonest surgery in Obstetrics. Pregnancy is a physiologically immunocompromised state. Hence, it predisposes to many infections prior to, during and after surgery. The aim of this study to determine if any of these coexistent infections have an influence on surgical site healing.

Methods: This is a prospective study over 16 month’s period from August 2013- December 2014. We enrolled patients who underwent cesarean deliveries at our institute and suffered from unrelated coexisting infections simultaneously. We observed how the surgical site healed in all these cases.

Results: Of the79 cases with co existent infections 15 had wound infections. Of these, 10 cases (71.43%) of LRTI ended up in wound infection and 8 (80%) of them required resuturing.1 case with LRTI had wound dehiscence with subsequent utero cutaneous fistula. 2(16.67%) cases of UTI and (13.22%) URTI and 1 case of dengue fever also had poor wound healing.

Conclusion: Surgical Sites of patients with Lower Respiratory Tract Infections had the worst prognosis among all co existent infections. They suffered the poorest wound healing and the highest rate of wound infections. These surgical sites also mostly required resuturing.