Global Journal of Engineering, Design & Technology
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ISSN: 2319–7293


ICT Application in Teaching and Learning Processes by Tutors: A Case of Two Selected Tanzania Teachers Colleges (TCs)

Simeo Boniphace Kisanjara, Michael shadrack Mangula & Said Noyi

Teachers Colleges particularly in developing countries such as Tanzania have been applying Information and Communication Technology (ICT)in teaching and learning process without much consideration of the actual needs, implementation strategies and limited or poor information infrastructure towards ICT application. This paper scrutinized the extent of application of Information and Communication Technologies in Teaching and Learning processes by Tutors in teachers colleges in Mara Regions in Tanzania. A total of 46 respondents selected through simple random approach from two teachers colleges were used to solicit the information regarding ICTs application. The data regarding the study was collected mainly through questionnaire being supplemented with interview guide questions, observation and documentary review. The data were analyzed descriptively using mean, frequencies and standard deviation. The study found large extent of ICTs application by tutors although its application is not efficient despite the roles ICTs can play in education