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Journal of Research and Development
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ISSN: 2311-3278


Hyphenated two-dimensional chiral capillary electrophoresis - Tandem mass spectrometry method for ultra-trace determination of antihistamine enantiomers in biological samples.

Peter Mikuš

A chemical vapor generation (CVG) method is developed for determination of cadmium (Cd) by ICP-MS. Titanium (III) and titanium (IV) were utilized for the first time as novel additives to enhance generation of volatile Cd species, and their synergistic effects were investigated for thiourea, L-cysteine and potassium cyanide (KCN) with different mineral acids. Both Ti (III) and Ti (IV) provided the highest enhancement with KCN. The improvement with thiourea was marginal (ca. 2-fold), while L-cysteine boosted signals slightly only with Ti (III) in H2 SO4 .

Published Date: 2020-10-30;

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