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Clinical & Experimental Cardiology
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Hyperglycemic-dependent LXR-alpha Gene Regulation within Blood Mononuclear Cells of CHD Patients

Vivek Priy Dave, Aanchal Mehrotra and Deepak Kaul

Keeping in view the fact that Liver X receptor alpha (LXR-α) is a glucose sensor, the present study was designed to explore the dose dependent synergistic action of glucose and fructose on the regulation of LXR- alpha transcriptional activity in peripheral blood mononuclear cellular model. Gene expression study revealed that under normal physiological range of glucose and fructose, LXR-alpha is able to modulate its effector genes whereas at high concentration of glucose and fructose the transcriptional activity of LXR-alpha becomes redundant. The redundant activity of LXR-alpha was further precipitated by the increased intracellular cholesterol as well as foam cell formation in response to high dose of glucose and fructose. Further, LXR-alpha ligand was able to restore glucose induced impaired transcriptional activity of LXR-alpha. Thus use of LXR-alpha ligands may be beneficial for the treatment of diabetes induced Coronary Artery Disease.