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Hydrological Analysis of AL-Samawah Desert Using GIS

Kasim Jubeir Salman, Yahiya Abdul-Hussein Abu Hammed and Khalil Helal Hussein

The research aims to conduct the hydrological analysis of AL-Samawah desert using GIS and digital satellite images from DEM, as the AL-Samawah desert is the largest area in Al-Muthanna Governorate, Because of the urgent need for other sources of potable water and agriculture. The available resources are inadequate. The importance of research in the study of water basins available in the desert of AL-Samawah and using GIS technology because it is easy and inexpensive scientific methods compared studies used and the basins in the apparent AL-Samawah is one of the main sources for the collection of ground water and rain water and therefore can from ground water for drinking purposes or agriculture to encourage people to exploit them optimally.