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Haemolytic Anemia due to Scorpion Bite: A Case Report

Umar Farooque, Sheheryar Munir and Sundus Karimi

Scorpion bite is a common health problem in tropical and subtropical countries. It generally presents with localized, painful, tingling or burning sensation. We report a case of scorpion bite presented with haemolytic anemia. A 26-year-old female, stung by scorpion, developed jaundice and fever after 1 week. Investigations revealed haemolytic anemia and excluded its all known causes, leading us to a diagnosis of haemolytic anemia due to scorpion bite. She responded well to blood transfusion, IV fluids, and folic acid and prednisolone. Thus we conclude that haemolytic anemia should be kept in mind during the management of these patients.