Journal of Proteomics & Bioinformatics

Journal of Proteomics & Bioinformatics
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Genome Mining of Streptomyces formicae KY5 for Potential Drug like Natural Products Characterizations

Mohibullah Shah*, Sana Gul, Adnan Amjad, Muhammad Sameem Javed, Batool Fatima, Haq Nawaz and Jaweria Ishaq

Genus Streptomyces has been a source of various clinically significant bioactive metabolites. Taxonomically, Streptomyces formicae KY5 is a new and different species. The complete genome sequences of S. formicae KY5 is available in the public DNA sequence databases for different analysis. The accessibility of the genomic sequence presents an excellent opportunity to explore the secondary metabolites potential of this distinct Streptomyces species. In this study, we employed the advance bioinformatics resources to annotate the total genome sequence of S. formicae KY5. Bioinformatics tools are applied to locate all the secondary metabolites hiding beneath their biosynthetic gene clusters (BGCs). The S. formicae KY5 is found to synthesis distinct and various secondary metabolites by undergoing the designated genomic encoding. Predictive analysis conveys that this strain has 34 gene clusters to encode potential secondary metabolites. For structural similarity with other drugs, we scanned the drug bank database, drug target and drug with the highest similarity was retrieved from PDB for molecular docking. Molecular docking analysis was carried out through molecular operating tool to evaluate drug-like potential of the chemical compounds. Three drugs like compounds were predicted from S.

Published Date: 2019-12-09; Received Date: 2019-10-14