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International Journal of Advancements in Technology
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Generation, analysis and evaluation of bi-phase complementary pairs

Ashish Kumar , Abhishek Shrivastava , Samaresh Bhattacharjee , Phani Kumar , Manish Naja

Bi-phase complementary codes are commonly used in radar application to achieve high resolution spatial and temporal measurements with suppressed range sidelobes. In this paper, a user friendly interactive graphical user interface (GUI) based tool capable of generating and analyzing a pair of complementary sequences of length upto 512 is presented. The effect of code length on key code parameters like merit factor, discrimination etc were evaluated and presented. In addition, ninety-six basic sets of 16-bit complementary pair searched through Monte-Carlo based search routine are tabulated. An empirical relation between code length and maximum possible set of basic complementary pairs is also established.