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General Attitude to the Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources Middle East (With Iran)

Parviz Teymori and Azam Gohardoust

Close relationship between the hydrological cycle and climate system there. Water resources to reduce Middle East with regard to global climate change will be. Iran country and consequently Middle East in the semi arid region located in arid and water resources are limited. Runoff, river discharge, groundwater, flood and drought are all strongly influenced by rainfall, one of the most important elements are among climate, accommodation. In this paper, relying on staff information (IPCC) and obtaining information from relevant agencies to assess the effects of climate change on water resources, water crises in the Middle East and paid for Analytic Research enmity - are documents, the purpose of research, of climate change in recent years the Middle East and prevent the water crisis in Iran. Also provide part of the results of studies done on temperature and precipitation changes that indicated increased fluctuations in temperature and precipitation is in the country, the possible effects overset balance between the country’s climatic and hydrological systems, including increased flooding due to rainfall and temperature, changes in water levels of lakes and above all competition between water needs will be referred.