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Journal of Horticulture
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Garlic Trading - A Potential Agribusiness Venture in India

Sekhar C, Prahadeeswaran M and Nagaraj R

Specialized commodity trading is gaining momentum in many parts of this nation. One such specialized trading is Garlic Trading. In respect of Garlic markets, India is having 21 important organized assembling wholesale markets. Among these organized wholesale markets, large number of private and unorganized markets is functioning in all the major garlic producing states. These markets handle a significant quantum of garlic bulbs and acts as a wholesale market in those regions and are becoming price takers. One such market is functioning over a long period of time in Tamil Nadu is the Vadugapatti Garlic wholesale Market of Theni District and the other one is Mettupalayam market wherein the Nilgiris Cooperative Marketing Society, Mettupalayam is one of the institution facilitates garlic marketing and supplies to Vadugapatti. Besides, Madhya Pradesh, Utter Pradesh and Rajasthan are the states supplying Garlic to Vadugapatti Wholesale Market of Tamil Nadu. Selected members of Vadugapatti Garlic Merchants Association have been interviewed following the Case Study Approach to study the garlic marketing practices prevalent among the sample farms. The study focused on the marketing channels prevalent in Garlic trading, price spread and marketing efficiency and the status of export of garlic to different countries from India. These are also presented and discussed in detail.