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From Scholars to Teenagers-What Makes Kashmiri Youth to Join Militancy?

Tahir-ul Gani Mir*

Since the partition in 1947, the Jammu and Kashmir remained disputed between India and Pakistan. The Indian administered Kashmir always suffered violence, protests, curfew, killings etc. However in Pakistan occupied Kashmir there has been never such acts. Various anti-Indian militant organizations came into being since Kashmir was divided between the two countries.  Both countries wanted to take over their rule all over Jammu and Kashmir. For this purpose, the two countries have fought two wars since partition which ended with the establishment of Line of control (LOC).  After these events, various separatist parties came into being that demanded separation of J&K from India. Various Pakistan based militant outfits came into existence that allowed Kashmiri uneducated and unemployed youth to get training and fight against India. But all this changed after 2016 when a new version of militancy came into existence. Well qualified and educated youth started joining militancy. These militants could have a better life but they preferred to pick up Guns against India.  Burhan Wani HM commander, who was killed in 2016 was considered the hero of Kashmir. Similarly, Zakir Musa who was killed in 2019 was a role model for the people of Kashmir. In this article, the author has studied the biography of top educated militants and has tried to sketch out the reason which made them join militancy.

Published Date: 2019-10-11; Received Date: 2019-09-09