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Sociology and Criminology-Open Access
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From Dungeon Masters to Keepers of Peace: Tribalism, Dispute Resolution, and Theoretical Intervention within the Prison System

Kacey Shap

The American penal system is failing. Despite the billions of dollars spent on the prison system, America still faces challenges with its soaring prison population, high recidivism rate, and perpetual violence. Prisoners must cope with daily violence, and they are unable to escape once in the system. Prison administrators, overburdened with the need to maintain security, are powerless. This research proposal, therefore, presents a theoretical case for implementing tribalism and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) within the prison system in order to reduce violence, and empower both inmates and prison guards. Arguments for the benefits of ADR are examined. The paper proposes a theoretical model that uses the prisoners as self-regulating agents for change. A proposal for implementing reform by employing a system of “Tribal Elders” and a council of guards system is also discussed.