Journal of Developing Drugs

Journal of Developing Drugs
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Formulation of Improved Norfloxacin HCl Tablets: Quality Control Assessment and Comparison Study of Acidic and Basic Form of Norfloxacin in Tablet Formulation

Somia Gul and Sidra Sajid

Current study emphasis on development of an improved formulation of NFX HCl tablets that must be acceptable with reasonable limits of standards required for tablet. Central premise of research conducted was to evaluate and compare two available forms of Norfloxacin raw material, NFX base and another it’s acidic salt NFX HCl in tablet formulation and establish the effect of acidic and basic form of Norfloxacin. NFX base has been widely used in tablet formulation while Norfloxacin HCl is newly available form in market. After tablet preparation from each form, physical and chemical characterization was performed. Tablets formulated with Norfloxacin base complies with all specifications of physicochemical analysis whereas Norfloxacin HCl containing tablets exhibited twisted results in physical testing, increased hardness and disintegration. Thus an improved formulation was developed that could not interfere with physical as well as chemical characteristics. Result reveals that improved formulation with NFX HCl complies with standard of QC assessment.