International Journal of Advancements in Technology

International Journal of Advancements in Technology
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Finite Element Analysis of Laminated Composite Cantilever Beam

Piyush Uniyal and Anadi Misra

Laminated composites are widely used in engineering and structural applications. In present work failure analysis of cantilever beam made up of boron-epoxy laminated composite has been analyzed. Finite element software ANSYS has been used to perform failure analysis. Maximum stress and Tsai-Wu failure theories are implemented to predict failure index for different lamination schemes. Unidirectional and angle ply laminates has been analyzed for different fiber orientation angles. From results it is found that angle ply laminates exhibits higher failure strength compare to unidirectional laminates. Cantilever beam with fibers orientated along the direction of loading shows maximum failure strength whereas unidirectional and angle ply laminates with 45� fiber orientation shows minimum strength.