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Advanced Techniques in Biology & Medicine
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Exposure Risk Assessment Follow-up in an Aluminium Salvage Plant

Frédéric Deschamps, Julie Salles, Omar Laraqui, Nadia Manar and Chakib El Houssine Laraqui

Introduction: Workers who work in salvage plant industry are at risk of exposure to aluminum (Al). The objective of this study was to conduct a longitudinal quantitative health risk and bio monitoring assessment for workers exposed to Al.
Methods: Al workers were compared to controls. A standardized medical examination and neurobehavioral tests and pulmonary assessment were achieved. The longitudinal study was based on repeated measurements (Airborne and urine Al evaluations).
Results: Clinical results showed no evident adverse effects, only mild health impairings. Modification of industrial process to reduce Al exposure leaded paradoxically to increase Al peaks in airborne and urine samples.
Conclusion: Hygienic and architectural measures taken to improve exposure and to reduce Al inhalation was a failure. Appropriate preventive measures should be carefully assessed before being applied to protect effectively exposed workers.