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Exploring and Reserve Estimation for Industrial Mineral Potential in Parts of Calabar Area (Ewen/Iwuru/Agbangana Axis) Southern Nigeria

Onwe Mkpuma Rock, Omonona Victor O and Ema Michael Abraham

For a developing nation, industrial rocks can be said to be very essential. Limestone and marble are one of the principal raw materials for industrial rocks such as cement manufacture. In Nigeria, Limestone occurs in the sedimentary environment of Benue Trough, Sokoto, Dahomey and Borno (Chad) basins. This Limestone forming environments (shallow coastal marine conditions) appears to have re-occurred several times in the geological history of the basins. The deposits of the Benue trough appear to contain the most economically viable mineral resources including limestone in Nigeria. Nearly all the limestone deposits in the trough are used for industrial purposes such as cement. The Calabar Flank is one the main carbonate province in Nigerian Benue trough. Ibeto Cement Company obtained permit to explore the viability of limestone deposit in some parts of the Calabar flank area for the establishment of a Portland cement production plant. This research evaluated the presence and volumetric analysis of limestone occurrence recovered from core drilling holes in the area on Exploration Licenses (ELs) No. 17373 and part of No. 17374. Prior to subsurface core drilling investigation, surface reconnaissance survey was undertaken. Rockworks 16 software complimented with dilute Hydrochloric acid were used for this evaluation.