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International Journal of Advancements in Technology
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Experimental Verification of the Use of Ultra Hydrophobic Materials for Water Aeration

Fialová S, Hudec M, Pochylý F, Gašic M and Ivanová S

The paper introduces a new aeration technology for stationary tanks with water mass. It is a passive aeration based on the principle of air diffusion, or more precisely oxygen diffusion into water. It uses the principles of Henry's law to increase the effect of diffusion. The basic element of this technology is a superhydrophobic or preferably an ultrahydrophobic surface. The basic characteristic, experimentally verified within this work, is the ability of the hydrophobic surface to bind the gas molecules. This makes the surface simultaneously aerophilic. The work includes the equipment design that utilizes this property. It is a cylinder provided with a double base. The first base closes the cylinder in conventional manner; the second base is formed by a porous membrane, which is fed from the bottom side with the gas (air, oxygen). Due to the aerophilic effect, a thin layer of air is formed on the hydrophobic surface. This layer passes oxygen to the water mass on the principle of diffusion, so that there is a continuous aeration, without the formation of undesirable bubbles. The efficiency of the diffusion increases with increasing hydrostatic pressure in accordance with Henry's law. The fundamental advantage of this principle is the direction of aeration, which in this technology extends from the bottom toward the free surface. This creates suitable conditions for microflora and purity of the water in the tank. The carried out experiments show that the amount of dissolved air depends only on the surface of the porous plate, or a suitably shaped container with a porous surface.This technology can be used both in small volumes (aquariums) as well as in large tanks where the maintenance of the required oxygen concentration in the long term is desired.A common feature is a comparable oxygenation capacity with a submersible aerator operating on the ejector principle.