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Evolution of Edge Technology in Mobile Communications for GSM Module with IS-136- A Review Article

G S Ajay Kumar Reddy, G Keerthy, P Aravind, CH Harsha Vardahn

Today’s fast growing world needs fast communication, either it may be voice or data .This calls for a new technology which is faster than all existing technologies in mobile communication and hence can replace technologies like GPRS .Enhanced Data for Global Evolution (EDGE) is such a technology .EDGE is a member of global system for mobile communications (GSM).In short EDGE is a technology which enhances data rates for mobile communications. EDGE not only enhances data rates but also intended for efficient spectrum utilization which it has passed successfully. This paper is intended for explaining how theoretical data rates of 384 kbps is possible with EDGE technique. And how enhanced data for global evolution (EDGE) can play an important role in the evolution toward wideband code division multiple access (WCDMA) and this paper also includes brief details on EDGE and modulation scheme used for EDGE. It can be introduced in two ways: (1) as a packet-switched enhancement for general packet radio service (GPRS), known as enhanced GPRS or EGPRS, and (2) as a circuit-switched data enhancement called enhanced circuit-switched data (ECSD). It will only discuss the packet-switched enhancement, EGPRS. The purpose of this paper is to describe EDGE technology and how it leverages existing GSM systems and complements WCDMA for further growth.