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Organic Chemistry: Current Research
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Evaluation of Wastewater Treatment Plants in El-Gharbia Governorate, Egypt

Abd El-Motaleb M Ramadan, Adel AH Abdel- Rahman, Ali M Abdullah and Osama A Eltawab

The present study has been undertaken to evaluate performance efficiency of wastewater treatment plants in El-Gharbia governorate in Egypt. The wastewater treatment plants using different biological treatment techniques (conventional activated sludge, oxidation ditch, extended aeration, rotating biological contactors and aerated lagoons processes). Wastewater samples were collected from both influent and effluent of each plant and the wastewater quality were determined at central laboratory of Garbyia Water Co. The performance of each plant was estimated based on the treated wastewater quality data. Correlations between influent and effluent TSS, COD and BOD5 were developed. Kotour WWTP operates with the oxidation ditch technology exhibits the highest performance efficiency, while Tanta WWTP operates with conventional activated sludge technology exhibits the lowest one. The results show that, all collected samples from Tanta, and El Mehala El Kobra WWTPs were exceeding the Egyptian Permissible limits (COD: 80 mg/l) while the samples collected from Mehalet Marhom, Mehalet Menof, Kotour, El Santa, Shernak and Zefta were complying the Egyptian regulations.