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Journal of Pharmaceutical Care & Health Systems
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Evaluation of Safety Profile of Yellow Fever Vaccine in Healthy Indian Travellers: A Prospective Observational Study

Pramil Tiwari, Rajiv Ahlawat and Gaurav Gupta

Introduction: Every year thousands of Indian travellers visit the yellow fever endemic regions; and, yellow fever vaccination is required for travel to these regions. Like other vaccines, yellow fever vaccine is also known to produce adverse event following immunization (AEFI). To the best of our knowledge, there is no published evidence in the open domain on the safety of this vaccine for healthy Indian travellers. Objective: To evaluate safety and tolerability of yellow fever vaccine in healthy Indian travellers. Methods: Healthy Indian travellers vaccinated with yellow fever vaccine at an accredited private clinic were telephonically contacted on day 7 and 14 after vaccination for the occurrence of any AEFI. The patients were sub divided into three age groups i.e. 1day-15yr, 15-65yr and >65yr. Results: Out of 305 vaccinated travellers recruited, 297 travellers were successfully followed up. Complete follow up was possible for 248 vaccinated travellers. The average age of the vaccinated travellers was found to be 36.2 ± 0.06 years. AEFI were observed in 16 travelers (Out of total 305 travelers). Fever was reported in only 5 travellers followed by headache in 4 travellers. The occurrence of AEFI was found to be statistically different in three age groups. Conclusion: On the basis of findings of the present study, on a limited number of subjects though, it is fair to conclude that Yellow fever vaccine is safe and well tolerated in healthy Indian travelers.