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Clinical & Experimental Cardiology
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Evaluating Effectiveness of Select Natural Remedies for their Anticoagulating Properties on Bovine Plasma: An In Vitro Study

Ishan Ghosh and Mohit Gandhi

The primary objective of this in vitro study was to evaluate if select natural remedies bromelain, nattokinase, and serrapeptase, have an effect on the clotting time of bovine plasma. The formation of blood clots within the body can lead to fatal diseases such as stroke, heart attack, pulmonary embolism, and deep vein thrombosis [1]. Although various drugs with anticoagulant properties are commercially available for treatment of such conditions, these drugs come with various side-effects which could pose significant health risk, when used for a prolonged period [2]. My hypothesis was select natural remedies (bromelain, nattokinase, and serrapeptase) have anticlotting abilities; in addition, when two of the natural remedies were used simultaneously the clotting time of the bovine plasma would have a more significant increase. In this study, activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (aPTT) [3], was used as a measure of clotting time, with higher aPTT values indicating greater anticlotting properties. First, three different concentrations of select natural remedies were evaluated for aPTT in comparison with bovine plasma samples with no treatment. Next, a combination of two selected natural remedies at a time, were evaluated for their anticlotting abilities against samples with no treatment. Experimental results indicated that the three selected natural remedies were able to extend the average clotting time between 4% to 28% depending upon concentration dosage. Higher concentrations of these remedies showed better anticlotting abilities that lower concentrations. When two of the remedies were combined, they yielded better results than the remedies tested alone. Statistical evaluation of the data showed that the aPTT results obtained from the samples treated with select natural remedies were indeed different from the untreated samples. The experimental results fully supported the hypothesis and can act as a basis for further studies. Although many research papers and scientific resources commented on anti-coagulating effects of bromelain, nattokinase, and serrapeptase; this study established a systematic baseline of anti-coagulating effects of these natural remedies.