Ethics in women’s health: A pathway to gender equity | Abstract
Advances in Medical Ethics

Advances in Medical Ethics
Open Access

ISSN: 2385-5495


Ethics in women’s health: A pathway to gender equity

Luciana Caenazzo, Pamela Tozzo, Giovannella Baggio

The differences between women’s and men’s experiences of health and illness are well known. Gender-specific medicine needs to restore equilibrium in order to understand the different clinical signs, diagnostic procedures, and therapeutic needs of diseases in men and women. This new dimension of medicine needs investment in research and health policy. If health professionals and healthcare organizations do not systematically take gender differences into account, inequities may arise and endure. Most discussions of gender involving an ethical perspective begin with the argument that women and men should be regarded as being of equal moral value. Where there are no relevant differences between them, then fairness and justice dictate that they should be treated equally, but if differences in needs exist, service planning should take this into account. Under these circumstances, equity as well as equality should be a guiding principle. The promotion of greater equality between men and women has also become a crucial issue in the bioethical debate, even if there is some confusion about the meaning of equality in this context, and especially of how this can be obtained. Biological differences cannot be removed, but their potentially harmful effects can be mitigated through social policies that take them properly into account, and through health research, policies and projects that give due attention to gender considerations and promote gender equity between women and men.

Published Date: 2015-11-01;

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