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Sociology and Criminology-Open Access
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Epistemological Aspects of Social Research for the Qualitative Upgrading of Rational Systems in the Areas of Social Policy. The Greek Example

Nikos Nagopoulos

The present article attempts to explore new possibilities for an effective social policy and rationalization of social services through the revision of the epistemological aspects of social research, which can assist this approach. In this context, the article analyzes the use of knowledge that contributes to reframing research activity aiming at extracting data that are more extensive in content and specifically related to (a) the organization, management and scientific strategic planning of social policy bodies (b) the elaboration of research programs and up-to-date data processing (c) their use in decision and policy-making at a national or regional level and (d) the revised perception of social research and the effectiveness of its applications. The reference point of this paper is Greece.