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Journal of Research and Development
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Enlightenment on Population Control and Youth Exposure to Formal Education via General Studies: The Antithesis to Politico-Religious Conflicts in Nigeria

Samuel Okafor

Peace is one of the invaluable assets which can encourage human socio-economic development in every society. It encourages interpersonal and group interaction leading to, a platform of trust and mutual understanding. Although the evidences of the positive impact of peace in the society are obvious in all aspects of the existence of the society, conflict seems to be inevitable in every human interaction irrespective of the context of such interaction. Conflict itself is one of the greatest challenges being faced by the world presently at all levels of interactions. There are many factors responsible of conflicts in the society at all levels. These included material, immaterial, remote and immediate causes. Among other things in the history of the world, which contribute to conflict in modern time, high population growth rate and lack of exposure to formal education play significant role in the incessant conflicts at various levels in the developing nations. These two factors act as the remote factors which build the ground for other immediate factors to socio-political conflicts. Although much attention had been given to other remote and immediate factors in the analysis of conflict in the developing nations such as Nigeria, this paper focused on unraveling the relationship between incessant conflicts in different parts of Nigeria, high population growth and lack of exposure to formal education among the youth. Based on the findings, the paper suggested the active role of the School of general studies across the federation in the enlightenment of the youth about remote factors behind Politico- Religious conflicts, sincerity among the political elite in the effort to eradicate illiteracy in Nigeria, individuals and groups sincere involvement in the implementation of the population policy for its effectiveness and, that both parents and government should encourage the youth to embrace formal education.