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ISSN: 2319–7293


Enhancing File Security by Integrating Steganography Technique in Linux Kernel

R.Jegadeesan , Dr.N.Sankar Ram, M.S.Tharani

In today’s world securing file data is very important. The proposed Secure File System (SFS) provides file data security using steganographic techniques in a transparent and convenient way. The proposed SFS pushes information hiding services into the Linux kernel space, mounting it between the Virtual File System layer and underlying file system. After SFS is integrated with the Linux operating system (OS), it enables OS to provide File Data Security as its inherent functionality. SFS requires that the user creates a directory and name it with the prefix 'secrt' to store the encrypted file data, such as secrtdir. Any directory on the system with the prefix 'secrt' will basically tells the system that the newly created directory will contain secret data. All files destined to be saved on this directory will be transparently hidden in non-suspicious information on the fly without any user intervention. For hiding we use a steganographic technique in which SFS is fully compatible with all underlying storage file systems. This paper illustrates the design of SFS for Linux which extends the operating system to provide file data security as its inherent functionality.