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Energy-efficient Location Easy Tracking with Android Mobile Phone by Using GPS

Rajamoses.R & Sarooraj.R.B

Mobile data usage over cellular networks has been dramatically increasing over the past years. Smartphone is location based services using sensor set (GPS, WiFi, the acceleration sensor, the orientation sensor, etc.), consume more energy and continuously using GPS, can cause the complete battery drain within a few hours, Coverage areas of GPS are still limited that GPS typically cannot function indoors. EasyTrack, a location tracking service that leverages the sensor hints on the android smart phone to reduce the usage of GPS. Easy track executes a GPS sampling using the information from the acceleration and orientation sensors. Switches to the alternate location sensing method based on WiFi when users move indoors. A machine learning technique, Gaussian process regression used to reconstruct the trajectory from the recorded location samples. Easytrarck can significantly reduce the usage of GPS and still achieve a high tracking accuracy and provide storage, analysis and map visualization of routes of mobile users.