Emergency Navigation System | Abstract

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Emergency Navigation System

Swati R. Dhabarde

In my project I am developing a computer program that will simulate and explain the need of technology and advance system for any person moving or navigating in a car (or any vehicle). Every person in day to day life requires some navigation for the proper working of his work .it is the human nature that ever man takes some guidance about some or another work without guidance the job taken by a human being will be completed properly or not is not known. So, for a proper working of your decided schedule you should know everything about the place where you live. You do know and if you ought to know then you can use “Emergency Navigation System”. ‘Emergency Navigation System’ is specialized software which is able to track the current position (of any person driving vehicles) and tell the path and other detailed information about your destination. If there are occurrences of multiple paths to the same destination then it can show the shortest one among them.