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Journal of Ergonomics
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Efficacy of Rehabilitative Interventions to Attenuate Nonspecific Low Back Pain–A Pilot Study

Sanjib Kumar Das*, Ashish Mathur and Hari Babu

Background: Low back pain leads to loss of work efficiency which could have a negative effect on productivity as well as the quality of life.
Methods: An experimental study was conducted with 60 patients having Non-Specific Low Back Pain (NSLBP) comprising males (43.3%) and females (56.7%) to quantify and  ascertain the effective rehabilitative interventions. The patients were randomly selected and equally distributed (n=20) into three groups. Experimental group 1 carried out Dynamic Lumbar Stabilization Exercises (DLSE), Experimental group 2 had Kinesio Taping (KT) and Control group had sham taping. The outcomes were measured by the Numeric Pain Rating Scale, Revised Oswestry Disability Index and Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire.
Results: The results revealed that post interventions both Experimental Group 1 and Experimental Group 2 showed functional improvements; however, a significantly greater improvement in patients of Experimental Group 1 was seen compared to Experimental Group 2. Post interventions, Experimental Group 2 showed significant improvement compared to Control Group.
Conclusion: The study concludes that both DLSE and KT interventions are effective, however, DLSE showed significant attenuation of pain and functional disability in NSLBP. Thus, KT can be used as an adjunct intervention. Future studies may be undertaken to equate the efficacies of other rehabilitative interventions to set priorities or preventive strategies.

Published Date: 2019-07-01; Received Date: 2019-05-20