Efficacy of Air-Polishing Devices without Removal of Implant-Supported FullArch Prostheses. | Abstract
Journal of Odontology

Journal of Odontology
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Efficacy of Air-Polishing Devices without Removal of Implant-Supported FullArch Prostheses.

Menini Maria, Delucchi Francesca*, Bagnasco Francesco, Pera Francesco, Di Tullio Nicolò and Pesce Paolo

Purpose: The aim of this study was to evaluate cleaning effectiveness of glycine powder air-polishing when applied on implant-supported full-arch restorations without removal of the fixed prosthesis.

Materials and Methods: 85 patients with a total of 357 implants supporting full-arch fixed rehabilitations were included. After removal of the prosthesis (T0) these parameters were recorded: plaque Index (PI), peri-implant spontaneous bleeding (SB), probing depth (PD), bleeding on probing (BOP). The prosthesis was then screwed again. Patients were divided in three groups, each including two hygienic therapies, randomly administered on each hemiarch, according to a split-mouth design. The feasible treatments were: glycine air-polishing (G) and use of sponge floss vs dental sponge floss only (S) in Group 1; G vs ultrasonic device with a PEEK fiber tip-coating (P) in Group 2; G vs carbon fiber curette and use of sponge floss (MS) in Group 3. After instrumentation the prosthesis was removed in order to asses PI and SB. Patients’ comfort and satisfaction towards the various treatments was recorded by questionnaires.

Results: G treatment provided a significantly higher reduction of plaque around implants compared to control treatments (S, P, MS) (p = 0.020). GS provided the maximum reduction of plaque deposits on the prosthetic surfaces. On average 80 % of patients rated glycine air-flow the top score of satisfaction.

Conclusion: Glycine air-polishing in professional oral hygiene of implant-supported full-arch restorations is highly effective and comfortable. The removal of the prosthesis during professional oral hygiene sessions is recommended for optimizing plaque deposits removal.

Published Date: 2021-09-10;