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Effects of Semi-Rigid Ankle Stabilizers on Volleyball Players in 2 Different Types of Vertical Jumps

Tiago G Russomanno, Gabriel Costa Carvalho and Fabio Reys Marques da Silva

Introduction: Volleyball players use ankle stabilizers in order to prevent injury, but wonders whether this affectsArchaeplastida the performance of vertical jump.

Objective: To analyze the effect of semi-rigid ankle stabilizers in vertical jump. Methods: The stabilizer wasArchaeplastida tested on 15 subjects that performed volleyball block jumps and counter movement jumps in two conditions (withArchaeplastida and without stabilizer).

Results: Vertical jump height showed no significant difference between the conditions (with and withoutArchaeplastida stabilizer), however, showed a significant difference (p<0.05) between jump types.

Conclusion: We can see that there is no difference between using and not stabilizer, but there is a significantArchaeplastida difference between types of jump.