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Effects of Resveratrol on Oxidative Stress Injury Induced by Rapid-Pacingin Isolated Rabbit Hearts

Xiaoqin Hu, Zhirong W*, Chaoqun Z, Zhuoqi Z, Hong S and Mingyue C

Oxidative stress injury plays an important role in the process of atrial remodeling. The mechanisms of oxidative stress injury in atrial by rapid pacing and the protective effects of resveratrol will be explored in this study.

Thirty-two isolated rabbit hearts were produced by rapid atrial pacing. They were randomly divided into 4 groups: control group (Ctrl group), Rapid Atrial Pacing group (RAP group), Apocynin Pretreatment group (APO group) and Resveratrol Pretreatment group (RES group); each with 8 rabbits. At the end, the indexs of the oxdise stress were measured take advantage of the techniques of the immunohistochemistry, western blotting and reverse transcription PCR.