Journal of Alcoholism & Drug Dependence

Journal of Alcoholism & Drug Dependence
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ISSN: 2329-6488


Effects of Maalox Plus® Antacid and PureCal® Calcium Supplements on Haematological and Biochemical Parameters of Rats Subjected to Alcohol Intoxication

Onyango TO, Mburu DN, Ngugi MP, Kamau JK and Juma KK

Habitual intake of alcohol is associated with health complications including depletion of the body’s stores of magnesium and calcium. In chronic alcoholism, treatment with magnesium and calcium has shown to normalize elevated enzyme activities and clinically relevant parameters. This study examined the effects of Maalox plus® antacid and PureCal® calcium which are rich in magnesium and calcium, respectively, on the haematological and biochemical profiles of rats exposed to acute alcohol intoxication. Alcohol was administered orally at a dosage 5 g/kg body weight for five days and supplements for two days of the week in duration of 28 days. Haematological and biochemical profiles were determined using automated analyzer. Statistical comparison was done using one way ANOVA followed by Tukey’s test. Alcohol caused neutrophilia, eosinophilia and basopenia. Maalox plus® and PureCal® were ineffective against neutrophilia but effective in normalizing eosinophilia. Basopenia was normalized by 4.25 mg/kg magnesium and calcium at 4.25 mg/kg and 8.5 mg/kg. Macrocytic anaemia was another alcohol disorder that was reversed by Maalox plus® and PureCal® except in animals given 8.5 mg/kg Mg and those cotreated with Ca and Mg. The alcohol induced thrombocytopenia was unaffected by the drugs. Alcohol did not significantly affect liver enzymes, lipids, creatinine and BUN levels. However, the drugs lowered BUN levels in animals given 8.5 mg/kg Mg, 4.25 mg/kg calcium and those co-treated with calcium and magnesium. Alcohol did not influence serum levels of Mg2+ but it significantly increased Ca2+ and lowered K+. Maalox plus® and PureCal® normalized the hypercalcemia in a dose-dependent manner. Alcohol induced hypokalemia was normalized by 4.25 mg/kg Mg and 17 mg mg/kg Ca. Maalox plus® and PureCal® had alleviated the alcohol induced adverse effects. These findings suggest that the drugs are useful agents that could have applications in the management of adverse effects associated with acute alcohol intoxication.