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International Journal of Advancements in Technology
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Effect of Temperature on Electric Current, Magnets and Electromagnet

Akash Yadav

The approach of this research paper is to find out the effect of the temperature on the strength of electricity, magnetism and the electromagnet. Magnets, electromagnets and electricity we are using in our day to day life. And every time these things are dealing with the temperature. This experiment we have conducted to find out that with increase in temperature or with decrease in temperature, will the properties of material (Magnet, Electromagnet and Electricity) will increases or decreases. Or there is chances that their properties value will be constant. To find this, we have used strong magnet made of neodymium, electricity and set of strong electromagnet. Also for cooling the magnet refrigerator and a heating component is used. A wire is used of known resistance. There was lot of change in properties of all these materials after the experimentation.