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ISSN: 2319–7293


Effect of Retempering on the Properties of Concrete Subjected to Alkaline Attack

Dr. D.K. Kulkarni & S.B. Pharande

Due to delayed in delivery of concrete, loss of workability and undue stiffening of concrete may take place at the time of placing on work site. Thus many a times reject the concrete partially set and unduly stiffened due to the time elapsed between mixing and placing. Mixed concrete is a costly material and it cannot be wasted without any regard to cost. It’s required to see whether such a stiffened concrete could be used on work without undue harm with use of retempering. The process of remixing of concrete, if necessary with addition of just the required quantity of water is known as 'retempering of concrete'. Sometimes, a small quantity of extra cement is also added while retempering. In this paper an attempt was made to study the effect of durability properties of concrete at different retempering time of 0 min up to 90 min. subjected to alkaline attack